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> a classy and practical companion for your urban adventures
> designed by BRAASI INDUSTRY

Ulysses is the flagship of the BAGOBAGO brand. Created in collaboration with the Prague based company BRAASI INDUSTRY, Ulysses is a fresh take on urban backpack design. It allows you to carry more than you will probably need on any given day, and the simple opening and closing mechanism of the built-in chair lets you turn its comfortable seat into a backpack in just a few seconds, so you can easily hop on your bike or run to catch the last train home.



A minimalist backpack with a maximalist volume of 29.5 l / 7.8 gal. Together with its total weight of 1.35 kg / 3 lbs, Ulysses is perfect for your daily errands. The measurements of the backpack with the folded chair are H 49 x L 30 x W 7 cm, so you can always bring it with you on board of the plane.

built-in chair

Ulysses has an aluminum built-in chair, with a maximum weight limit up to 130 kg / 287 lbs, which allows you to take a seat just about anywhere. The construction of the chair prevents any damage to the contents of the backpack and makes carrying Ulysses much more comfortable than a regular backpack. Hover over the picture to see a photo montage.


Ulysses' main compartment is designed to fit A3 / Tabloid page size for your drawings, books or anything else of that size. To keep your stuff organized, there is one 13" inside laptop pocket, two inside phone/wallet pockets, and one outer zipped pocket -- all easy to access even when sitting on the chair.


Applying the latest innovations in backpack design, Ulysses is made of lightweight cordura fabrics with PU coating. The bottom is protected with high-quality black leather, while the shoulder straps are made of car seat belts. The backside is made of elegant and comfortable padding


Ulysses features a leather handle with buckle closing that allows you to carry it in your hand like a bag, high-quality zippers, and visible chair legs to make the built-in chair ready to use whenever you need it. It goes without saying that the shoulder straps are adjustable to your size.


BAGOBAGO offers free international shipping. All orders are shipped within 24 hours (on working days only). The speed of the delivery depends on your location. Click here for more shipping information or buy Ulysses now.

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