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> a Czech Republic based company
> manufacturing world-unique sitting backpacks since 2012

BAGOBAGO was established in 2012 when three brothers, together with their father Roman, patented the world's first backpack with a built-in chair. As the word of mouth spread out, the company started to grow from a DIY family business to a small scale manufactory. To this day, BAGOBAGO backpacks have been purchased and loved by thousands of customers from around the world.


It was a sunny Summer afternoon when the fateful accident happened. Working on a roof, Roman fell from a ladder, breaking his ankle terribly. The doctors' prognosis was not very optimistic: he would never walk normally again.


He spent a whole year strapped to his bed, but never gave up. After several months of physical therapy, he was able to start taking short strolls. However, he got tired quickly and felt the need to sit down -- often where there were no places to sit.


To his surprise, he could not find a backpack with a built-in chair on the market -- there were only chairs attached to the outside of a backpack, which was not very practical (and frankly not too pretty).


So he decided to build his own.


When he showed the prototype to his sons, they saw the potential of a backpack that would allow people to sit down just about anywhere. They realized how useful this could be not only for someone with walking difficulties, but also for tourists, families with kids, elderlies, students, and many others.


As soon as they found out that no one had patented such a backpack before, they decided to do it themselves and patented BAGOBAGO as a utility design. They brought together a team of designers, orthopedists, and manufacturers, and created the original BAGOBAGO backpack, which entered the market in 2013.


And the rest is history. 


BAGOBAGO®, spol. s r.o.

Sudoměřice 547
696 66 Sudoměřice nad Moravou

Czech Republic

Company ID: 02952904
VAT ID: CZ02952904
VAT payer

OR: Spisová značka: C 83051 vedená u Krajského soudu v Brně




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