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> answers to all your questions

Perhaps not to all of them, but certainly to the frequently asked. If you don't find what you are looking for, please contact customer support.


Yes. The construction of the chair is designed to prevent damage to the contents of the backpack while keeping the stool always functional and the compartments and pockets accessible even when you are sitting on the chair. ​

Absolutely. BAGOBAGO consulted orthopedists in order to design a bag that meets ergonomic standards. We carefully calculated the height of the stool to allow for a knee angle of more than 90° for most people, which helps you sit straight and helps prevents back pain.

Yes. All versions of the BAGOBAGO backpacks meet standard cabin baggage size restrictions.

Yes. Zippers and rubber end caps for the chair legs can be purchased separately.

No. The rubber doesn't contain any black color.

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