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> a spacious and resistant sidekick for your challenging weekend trips

Gulliver is part of the new collection of BAGOBAGO backpacks released in 2019. As opposed to his brother Ulysses, Gulliver was created to suit your outdoor needs. With its enormous storage space and robust materials that protect your valuables as well as hide the chair legs, you don't have to think twice about what backpack to bring with you on your next trip.



A chunky outdoor backpack with the practical size of H 51 x L 33 x W 8 cm (folded chair), Gulliver lets you bring everything you need for your weekend trip. Thanks to its total weight of only 1.25 kg / 2.75 lbs and a gigantic volume of 37 l / 8.15 gal, you can even pack something extra without worrying about carrying too much weight.

built-in chair

Like all BAGOBAGO backpacks, Gulliver conceals an aluminum built-in chair, with a maximum weight limit 130 kg / 287 lbs. Anytime you feel like taking a break, just spread the chair legs and take a seat. The built-in chair was designed to prevent any damage to the contents of the backpack and makes carrying Gulliver much more comfortable than a regular backpack. Hover over the picture to see a photo montage.


Gullivers' main compartment is designed to stash anything from a standard sleeping bag, sneakers, 15'' laptop, your clothes for the weekend or A3 / Tabloid page size sketchbook -- all perfectly safe and easy to access even when sitting on the chair. Apart from the main compartment, there is one practical inside zipped pocket for your valuables.


All BAGOBAGO backpacks are manufactured from high-quality materials, but Gulliver goes one step further. Designed to withstand any conditions you may encounter during your adventure, the main body is made of highly resistant ripstop fabrics, and the bottom of the backpack, which covers the aluminum chair legs, is made of a truck tarp to endure practically any surface you put your Gulliver on. The front area of the backpack for attaching sleeping bag is protected by a rubberized layer.


Gulliver features a handle with buckle closing, which makes it really fast and easy to open and close the chair, high-quality zippers, and front straps for your groundsheet or sleeping bag. The shoulder straps are adjustable to your size and padded with soft foam. The same goes for the back side. To make it even more convenient, Gulliver is equipped with an adjustable chest strap.


BAGOBAGO offers free international shipping. All orders are shipped within 24 hours (on working days only). The speed of the delivery depends on your location. Click here for more shipping information or buy Gulliver now.

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